Illumination technology
that can revolutionize the
future of clothing


Named CES® 2017 Innovation Awards Honoree, Firefly is the only next-to-skin washable illumination technology that can be integrated into any gear, be it safety, sports, fashion or outdoor.


Illuminating Outdoor Life

When seeking adventure in the outdoors, Firefly illumination in your protective gear can keep you safe. Outdoor experiences like hiking, mountain climbing and skiing can quickly turn dangerous in low light conditions. The lightweight seamlessly embedded technology can keep you visible and protected in high risk environments.


Advancing Safety in Sport Athleisure

Runners and cyclists can now increase their visibility to drivers and be safe in low lighting conditions during their runs and biking. Embedded Firefly LEDs integrated in active wear clothing flash in a pattern to look like a moving person and protect them from oncoming traffic.

Firefly technology can detect impact and assess its degree in a number of high contact sports such as boxing, rugby and football. The illuminated impact detection gear provides visual confirmation of a severe hit, helping coaches and medical professionals determine the level of potential injury.


Improving Industrial Safety

Firefly helps mitigate safety risks for workers in low visibility environments. The in-built sensors embedded in protective vests and gears can illuminate and alert workers to safety in high risk low light conditions. Thus helping industries better protect their people.


New Possibilities for Fashion Designers

With Firefly, it is now possible to light up the fashion runways of the future. The technology is fully flexible, washable and can be seamlessly integrated in haute couture. It offers total freedom to designers to explore and be creative with illumination.

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